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How to help young Palestinians board by board

On Thursday 14.01 Philip Joa and Theo Krish , joined the DOC:Supper community to present their latest project, Epicly Palestine'd.
Philip holds a Masters in conflict resolution and has been volunteering in Palestine for nearly a decade. Theo is a music producer and skateboarding instructor - a few years ago they joined forces to support young Palestinians.

Throughout the evening, they inspired the audience by presenting their movie and sharing their personal stories. For both of them, Epicly Palestine'd meant an incredible and unexpected journey that "changed their lives".
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Epicly Palestine'd talks about how young Palestinians found through Skateboarding a valuable escape, also thanks to Skatepal - a non-profit organisation that aims to spread the love of skateboarding in Palestine.
40% of Palestinians are under 15 and over 50% of young people are struggling to find work - cultural, educational and sporting opportunities offer a chance for young people to be involved productively in their community.

This is the opportunity beyond skateboarding which is considered one of the most inclusive sports in the world. Skateboarding instantly dissolves barriers between class, race, age and gender. Skatebording helps to engage youth, relieve stress and to build confidence.
How can you support SkatePal? 
1. You can make a donation through their crowdfunding campaign page
 2. Become a volunteer

SkatePAL is currently looking for male and female volunteers to teach at skateparks in the West Bank from March to October 2016. Volunteer placements are for either one or two months. For more information and to receive your volunteer application form, please email:

3. Visit their website and share it 

Visit or Epicly Palestine'd website and share the documentary to raise awareness about the project. 

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