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DOC:Supper 16/17 - Call for entries

After a successful first season, DOC:Supper wants to open their doors to all talented documentary makers that are motivated to stimulate social change and create greater empathy across our communities.

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For the first time, DOC:Supper is inviting all filmmakers to submit their works for our first ever Open Call.

DOC:Supper 16/17 season will be divided in two parts :

• First Part : October - December

• Second Part April - May

As usual we will host screenings, with the selected films, across London in 4 different special locations with an average of 2/3 screenings per month.

DOC:Supper season 2016/17 will be also a competition - indeed the best films awarded by the judges and the public vote, will be prized.

Deadlines for submissions:

The deadlines for applying to DOC:Supper 2016/17 season are :

  • September 25th for the first part of the season (starting on the 1st of October)

  • January 25th for the second part of the season (starting on the 15th of February)

Sections and competitions:

DOC:Supper selects films for 2 competitions/categories. The 2 categories are :

  • DOC:Supper - Social Issues and Human Rights 

International competition for documentaries addressing social issues and human rights

  • DOC:Supper - adventures documentaries

International competition for documentaries about outdoors and adventures

How to apply

Click here for the full details of the competition

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