• Pop Up Talks

    A series of talks to go deeper into what we are learning together during the screenings

    16.03.16 - Philip Vannini

    Life Off Grid Producer

    Join DOC:Supper on the 16th of March to learn about off the grid communities with Producer Phillip Vannini.

    Philip is Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography and a Professor at Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada. He is author/editor of ten books, including the recent Ferry Tales: Mobility, Place, and Time on Canada’s West Coast (Routledge, 2012).

    18.02.16 - Chloe Ruthven

    Jungle Sisters Director

    Join DOC:Supper on the 18th of February to learn to what extent our lifestyle is based on years of exploitation.

    Chloe practiced as an artist for ten years before moving towards documentary. In 2001 she got a job in a local primary school, which lead to a decade of working on education projects around the country, inspiring disaffected youth to use documentary as a tool for change in their own lives. Out of her work as an educator, she made my first feature doc, Mario and Nini in 2008. Subsequent films include Death of a Hedgefund Salesman 2011, and The Do Gooders, 2013. In 2011 she set up Quadrangle Film Festival with a group of fellow filmmakers.

    14.01.16-Phill & Theo

    Epicly Palestine'd Directors

    Join Doc:Supper on the 14th of January to learn more about the story behind the birth of Skateboarding in Palestine.

    Philip Joa holds a Masters in conflict resolution and has been volunteering in Palestine for nearly a decade. Theo Krish is a music producer and skateboarding instructor who recently finished working with SkatePAL on Palestine's largest skatepark building project. Epicly Palestine'd is Phil and Theo's first documentary.

    03.12.15 - Matt Hopkins

    England Your England Director

    Join Doc:Supper on the 3rd of December to learn more about England your England from his creator.

    Matt Hopkins is a documentary filmmaker from Brighton. His award winning series England Your England captures powerful stories from real people across the UK. The project aims to present the diversity of personal stories that define us as individuals, communities and as a nation.


    Matt is currently in the final stages of his debut feature alongside his directing partner Ben Lankester

    A Divorce Before Marriage (http://adivorcebeforemarriage.co.uk/) tells the story of the band I Like Trains as they discover life without a record deal in a brave new musical world. Matt co-owns The Progress Film Company with Ben.

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